Support for the accreditation of the production process' control system

Tekro Consulting Srls offers consultancy and assistance for designing and implementing the control system of the production process with respect to the CUNA 090-15 directive.

Supporto all'accreditamento

In order to achieve the limited, national or European approvals with the Ministry of Transport, the companies that already got other certifications in accordance with international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ecc.), must pass the verification of the control system of the production process.

Such verification, conducted by appointed inspectors, consists of a one day session or so, during which the officials of the Ministry of Transport will present at your manufacturing plant to ensure it's ability to produce vehicles, for which the approval is requested, in full compliance with the prototype presented at the tests.

Our company is able to offer both pre-test counseling, giving you all the information needed to better address the inspection of the officers from the Italian Ministry of Transport, and support, delegation and assistance during the actual verification at the production plant until the issuance of the certificate of conformity.