New Matriculation Process - NPI

Is the procedure that allows to the Manufactures the direct entry of the data contained in the Certificate of Conformity required by Directive 2007/46/EC for the purpose of printing the matriculation certificate.

Currently scheduled only for completed vehicles belonging to the international category M1, M2, M3, N1, N2 and N3, allows to the Manufactures to eliminate the assignment of the matriculation code and to acquire directly from COC both technical and identification data of the vehicle

Objective: to significantly speed up the matriculation process through the informatic procedures provided by the italian Ministry of Transport

Advantage: supply the immatriculated vehicle to the client on the day of purchase ensuring that all pre - matriculation requirements are fulfilled.


The manufacturer or its delegated third company send to MIT, through NPI WebService , some of the technical data contained on homologation dossiers that will serve as a control parameter in the next phase of validation of the CoC.

Following this request MIT communicates to the Manufacturer the verification of the transmitted documentation and proceeds with the insertion / verification and validation of the control data entered. The manufacturer, or its delegate, may also verify via web-service the progress of the insertion.

Given the novelty of the process and the high strategic importance for a proper matriculation of vehicles TEKRO CONSULTING is able to offer to all Manufacturers who need to adapt to the New matriculation Process the following services:

  • Inserting and processing of homologation data
  • Receiving and managing the COC sending requests to MIT
  • Continuous support and call center for communications.

Tekro Consulting Srls:

  • Has an in-depth knowledge and ability to analyze of MIT specifications regarding the use of updated NPI WebServices;
  • Is able to develop processes and software tailored to the specific requirements of Manufacturer and being able to manage independently via webservice the sending of the control Files and CoC to MIT.